Model 9WHB
LED Technology- General

LED Technology is the light source of the future. The LED is made from a semiconductor material that is durable and long lasting, traditional bulbs are fragile and relatively short lived devices. Todays LED provides a great Light ouptut vs. Power consumption making them ideal for the boater where battery conservation is always a key ingredient in a successful canyon excursion. If you would like more information on LEDs you can visit www.how stuffworks.com/led.htm
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LED Technology and Ocean Lites

We have been producing products for LED lighting applications since 1993, thoughout these years the light ouput has increased dramaticly as well as the complexity of the designs needed to provide a reliable, robust product. Our designs use the latest technologies to achieve these goals, such as the industries best LEDs and proprietary circuit design and circuit board materials.

Our lights include a heat dissapating design that can be used while underway to light up your wake!
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