Before You Start

Our Lights are for Transom mount only - any other application will void warranty.

                        Materials - Tools Required

Tape measure, Drill with bits, 3M 4200 marine sealant, Misc. Hand tools, Instructions supplied with light.

1. Choose your location - Locate lights so they will not be blocked by obstructions such as outboard motors, swim platform supports, ladders, etc. They can mount Horizontally, Vertically or Angled.
The area chosen needs to flat for proper mounting.
Verify there is un- obstructed access inside the vessel where wiring will pass through.

2. Using the Mounting Template position the template in the desired location and tape in place.
Drill the cable entry hole through the transom using a 5/16" dia. drill bit. Carefully drill the 4 mounting holes using a 1/8" dia. drill bit for the fastners provided. ( your application may require optional fasteners not provided)

3. Remove the template and sand off any bottom paint where the lights are to be mounted then clean the area with appropriate cleaner such as alcohol, acetone, etc.
This area MUST BE CLEAN AND DRY for proper installation.

4. Insert power cable through hull into vessel and check for proper alignment of mounting holes.
If alignment is acceptable begin cable through hull then apply a 1/4" bead of marine sealant around perimeter and mounting and cable holes. Gently move the light into position and attach with 4 mounting screws. Excess Sealant should squeeze out, remove excess and smooth around the edges. Place a small amount of sealant into each mounting screw to seal front side. Follow manufacturers recommendations for dry times and clean-up.
General Installation of Underwater Led Lights
follow instructions provided with light
Prepped for Mounting
Mounted and Sealed
Electrical Connections

Power is provided by a 12 volt Negative ground system. The in-line fuse must be used for each individual light, failure to do so will void warranty.

Connect the 3A In line fuse to the RED (+) Lead from the Power cable then to a 12 volt switch chosen to provide power to the light(s).

Connect the BLACK (-) wire from the Power cable to a suitable battery system ground.

All connections should be sealed from the environment using adhesive sealing heatshrink or equivalent, cables should be tied up and not lying in bilge waters. If you are not qualified seek competent advice.
Painting and Cleaning

Housings should be painted with the proper anti-fouling paint required for your area and use. We suggest a minimum of 3 coats applied per manufacturers recommendations. Before application mask lens and clean the housing to remove any dirt, etc.

Lens Cleaning - During the season frequent cleaning of the lens with a soft bristle brush is all that is required to keep the lights free of algae and marine growth. If excess marine growth needs to be removed simply wet the lens with water and use a plastic scraper such as a credit card to gently remove the growth.